“ Retail Social Welfare

“ Retail Social Welfare


1. In the article, there is mention about how the personal interests of the early social workers “…were largely consistent with the “progressive” social reform movements of American welfare capitalism” (p. 600). In 25 words or more, how would you describe American welfare capitalism?

2. In 25 words or more, how is “wholesale social welfare” distinguished from “retail social welfare”?

3. In 25 words or more, why do  you think it took until 1974 for CSWE to establish formal accreditation of baccalaureate social work programs?

4. In 25 words or more, what are your thoughts on the following statement: “Efforts to resist such fragmentation grew from the reality that social work, a profession in which the majority of practitioners were women, had developed within an essentially hostile society” (p. 605).

5. Name one tension that has shaped the institutional development of social work education.

6. Come up with a question of your own, from the reading, and in 25 words or more, provide an answer. 

there’s a part 2 but teacher hasn’t uploaded yet. so I’m paying extra!

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