Role Pathos Plays

Role Pathos Plays

What are the reasons for arguments?  Keep notes for two days about every single argument you make, using the definitions and concepts in chapter 1 to guide you.  Then, identify your reasons for arguing – how many times did you aim to convince? To inform? To persuade? To explore? To understand?  

Next, after reviewing your log and completing the reading this week, write a one-paragraph reflection that explains who you are as an arguer.  Questions you might consider include: how do you define the term argument? Which arguments do you participate in that are most effective? What patterns do you see emerging when you assess your arguments? 

Then, in a second paragraph, discuss the role pathos plays in your arguments and how it impacts the effectiveness of argument.  Finally, end this paragraph by setting a goal for yourself: how you can improve as an arguer?  (Note: both paragraphs should be completed after the log on the same document.)

Complete the argument log Download the argument logto track this information (Note: some of you may not need to complete every row of the log; some of you may need to add rows.  Personalize the number of rows to meet your individual needs.) Submit your log with 2-paragraph reflection as one Word document.

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