See Among Upward Mobility

See Among Upward Mobility

Complete the “Test your Life Chances” exercise (found at the end of Chapter 4 of your textbook) and answer the following questions on a separate word document: 

  1. What life barriers or issues are you able to identify about yourself after completing the exercise?3.    Were there any statements you found more difficult or easier to answer? Explain.4.    Were there any life challenges or obstacles that you have faced missing in the exercise? If so, explain.5.    Were there any life privileges you have experienced missing in the exercise? If so, explain.6.    Did you ever answer untruthfully on any of the statements? If you are comfortable sharing, explain which one(s)? Why did you not answer truthfully?7.    How do life’s barriers and opportunities influence people’s lives? What connections do you see among upward mobility and life chances in regards to disability, racial-ethnic identity, gender identity, language, sexuality, and social class?
  2. What life advantages or opportunities are you able to distinguish about yourself after completing the exercise?

APA is not required. No minimum length expectations; just be sure to answer all the questions completely. 

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