See Module 6

See Module 6

 (My field of study is health science in health administration)

Many are resistant to – or fearful of – planning for the future. Yet over the past several years, we have seen just how important it is to plan, often in an uncertain and volatile environment. How – and whether – we have a succession plan for all key roles can determine the organization’s success during difficult times. 

Over the next three modules, you will be working on your success plan for your work with Ever Upward. See Module 6.2 for more information on this. Let’s explore the role of succession planning in TM.

Part I: Succession Plan

Consider your discipline and desired role. What are the key roles in a typical organization in your field? (Remember, a key role is one that is indispensable to the organization. The lack of a highly qualified person in that role jeopardizes the entire organization’s mission.) What are some implications to not having a succession plan in place for the key roles you have identified? What are the impacts for those served by your organization (other organizations, clients, consumers, patients, etc.)?

You will be creating your succession plan. What questions or concerns do you have as you prepare to get started

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