Select Three Organizations Reporting

Select Three Organizations Reporting

This is a two-session work; kindly attach 1 (Word) and 2 (jpeg/pdf) separately.

Session 1


In this assignment, you will prepare a short written response about global health organizations to the prompt below. 


  1. Select three organizations reporting global health data.
  2. Describe how each organization’s mission supports global health.

Session 2

You learned about global health data, statistics, and reporting.  For this activity, you’ll take a closer look at vital statistic data and craft a meaningful visual to display your findings. 

1. Create a visual deliverable of your choice (infographic, PowerPoint, video, etc.) that communicates the information below.

  • Find the vital statistics for the United States (hint: you might look at
  • Compare the vital statistics for the US to Indiana.
  • Compare the statistics to Allen County (hint: you might look at

2. Please see the following optional resources on creating Infographics:

  • “How to Make an Infographic in Word” (Infographic Website):

  • “How to Make an Infographic for Free with PowerPoint” (MUO website) 

3. Please submit your completed infographic through jpeg (picture) and pdf

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