Short Term Goal Long

Short Term Goal Long


Your QIP Presentation will take place at the end of the course.  This presentation includes the following elements and will highlight your completed project! 

1. Create a power point slide that has the elements below. 

  • Time length 2-5 minutes
  • Slide/Vision Board 1 slide

Elements in the Presentation:

  • State how the article related to the QI
  • Include a graphic in the “Vision Board”, which is ONE Powerpoint slide with graphics that include:
    • Short term goal
    • Long term goal
    • What worked and what did not
    • Outcomes: can show the graph as a small graphic
    • List a strength that assisted you in QIP
    • Personal insights, feelings, your “why”
    • A graphic of yourself participating in the project
    • Visually appropriate graphic images should be discussed to provide a big picture and tie the project together. Ensure images are professionally appropriate.

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