Single Declarative Sentence Expressing

Single Declarative Sentence Expressing

Discussion Board

Convinsing – persuade to be interested/motivated to purchase a product based on the following criteria.

  • real (something we can see and touch)
  • legal
  • be able to purchase online or in a local store
  • not anything living, like a pet etc.
  • not a drug, alcohol etc.
  • nothing distasteful or potentially offensive to others
  • OUTLINE – You will turn in a complete sentence outline in the dropbox.
  • REFERENCES – You should have at least two credible references in your bibliography.

 Speaker: [Your Name]

Speech Topic: [Topic]

Speech Title: [Title]

Type: [Persuasive –or– Informative –or– Special Occasion]

Audience Analysis:

· Knowledge: [What do your listeners know about the topic?]

· Attitudes: [How does your audience feel about the topic? What can you do to create or reinforce a positive attitude?]

· Expectations: [Why will your audience be present for your speech? What are they expecting to hear?]

· Demographics: [Describe the audience’s demographics. How might those factors influence your presentation?]

· Setting: [What will your speech setting be?]

 Purpose: [Write a specific purpose that expresses in action form what you hope to achieve with your speech.]

 Statement: [Write a single declarative sentence expressing the theme or central idea of your speech.]

Organizational Pattern: [Enter the organizational pattern used for your main points.]


[Replace the bracketed information with the contents of your speech. Revise the outline by editing your points, rearranging them if necessary, and adding supporting points.] 

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