Chapter 13 of your textbook provides insight on the stressors of being employed as a human service professional and the different coping skills and mechanisms to help reduce burnout. Self-care is very important when working in the human services field; if you as a human service professional are not self-informed about how your body and mind react to stress, then you cannot provide your client the adequate help needed to work through their issues. The reading also identified cognitive approaches to stress management and the importance of developing a self-care and wellness plan as you work in the field.

Create a scenario where a human service professional, who works in a small community, is experiencing an ethical dilemma and then please respond to the following:

Please respond to the following:

  • Stress can come from environmental as well as individual factors; how can you distinguish your source of stress?
  • What specific strategies can you use to cope with this stress? Provide ways in which you can self-monitor your reactions to stress.
  • What steps can you take to make sure you reduce the likelihood you will experience burnout and ensure that your clients get the proper service?
  • Name some wellness strategies you can use when working as a human service professional.

Please remember to cite your work using APA format when referencing from the text or outside resources.

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