Slide Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation

Slide Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation

Various models of substance abuse prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation are available for the delivery of support services for justice-involved individuals with addiction and substance abuse issues. It is important to understand how and when these various models can be applied to various diverse populations. Much information about a client’s situation can be obtained through intake interviews with the client. In this assignment, you will explore the types of information you can learn about your client through an intake interview, and discover how to apply substance abuse prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation models to such a situation.

Continue in your role as an intern with the substance abuse facility. 

Review the Intake Assessment Form.

As part of your internship, you have been asked by program managers to complete an intake assessment.

Create a fictional history of an inmate or offender who has an alcohol or substance abuse disorder to use for this assignment. 

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on what you have learned from the questions asked during the intake assessment. 

For your presentation, you should: 

  • Describe the inmate or offender with an alcohol or substance abuse disorder who is seeking treatment at your correctional facility (e.g., prison, jail, parole, probation, or diversion).
  • Describe this inmate or offender’s life experience through their initiation of substance use, prior treatment, and any periods of sobriety.
  • Describe and analyze at least 2 models of substance abuse prevention, intervention, and/or rehabilitation that could be used in the delivery of support services for this client.
  • Outline the treatment strategies you are proposing for the inmate or offender.
  • Identify 2 treatment goals you will work on with the inmate or offender.

Include at least 2 references. 

Part 2

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

For treatment to succeed, all clients must understand the strengths they can bring to the recovery process. A strengths-based approach to treatment is especially important for people who have justice involvement. 

  • How would you help a client decide what their strengths are?
  • How would you incorporate these findings into the treatment plan?

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