Sociology Assignment

Part 1: 250 words

Identify five key terms that relate to the provided case study. These terms may be words or phrases you already used in your milestone assignments or words or phrases you have learned about through other activities or research in the class. Be sure you can research and provide a clear, concise, and accurate definition of each term you select and can explain each term to an audience. At least two of the terms you select should be medical in nature (relating to Jean’s illness, mental health, or medical services), and one should be financial (relating to costs or financial needs associated with Jean’s care).

Add your five terms to the wiki and, for each word or phrase, provide a cited definition. The cited definition may be derived from a single source or a blend of multiple sources. In each case, cite the sources using APA style.

For each term, also provide an alternative definition that you could use to help explain the term to someone new to the U.S. healthcare system. The alternative explanation should be in relatively simple language, showing how you might explain the term to a friend without expertise in human services or healthcare. You may cite an example or refer to the case of Jean


Part 2:500 words

The follow-up care plan occurs after discharge from the hospital. The initial discharge plan addresses immediate needs of the client as he or she transitions back to his or her home. Once that transition is complete, some issues remain. These are the issues that will be addressed in the follow-up care plan. Consider agencies in the community that can assist the patient in addressing the issues.

As you work on your plan, you may find the following resources valuable:

Improving Hospital Discharge Planning for Elderly Patients

Care and Discharge Planning: A Guide for Service Providers

Prompt: Create a draft of Sections IV and V of your final project, a collaborative care guide.

IV. Follow-Up Care Plan

Create a comprehensive follow-up care plan for Jean, applying her needs identified in the case study.

A. Applying best practices, explain the basic post-discharge client needs represented within the case study.

B. Develop strategies to arrange provision of services to the client.

C. Develop effective strategies to address the client’s post-discharge financial needs. What strategies will you use to ensure client access to recommended services?

Consider organizing this section of your milestone in table format as below.



Client Needs (Including Financial Needs) from the Case Study

Issue 1:
Issue 2:
Issue 3:
Issue 4:
Issue 4:


Strategies to Address Needs and Suggested Agencies That Will Provide Needed Services (Including Financial Needs)

Issue Strategy and Agency/Source of services


V. Conclusion

Discuss the impact of navigating available resources for both inpatient and discharge needs on the client in the short and long terms. Finally, describe the expected outcomes of the care plan. Be sure to include the following:

A. Based on the case study, how would the difficulty of navigating the available resources for both inpatient and discharge needs impact the client physically and psychologically?

B. What long-term effects will the strategies you developed for addressing the client’s inpatient and post-discharge financial deficits potentially have on her survival and well-being?

C. Describe the expected outcomes of this care plan. Given the follow-up care plan and the anticipated impact of available resources, what realistic outcomes for the patient do you foresee? Consider physical, emotional, and financial outcomes.

Guidelines for Submission: Your draft of Sections IV and V should be about 2 pages in length and should use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA formatting.


Part 3:250 words

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

IV. Public Health Response

In this section, you will inspect the public health landscape to identify who is involved in responding to your public health issue and what actions they are taking.

A. Describe the public health organizations involved in the response to the public health issue at the national and local levels. Use examples that show which entities are working on the issue and what they are doing. For example, what federal and local agencies and/or not-for-profit entities are involved, and what are their roles in the response?

B. Explain the specific public health sub-disciplines involved in understanding and responding to the issue, including what their roles are. Examples of public health sub-disciplines include biostatistics, epidemiology, maternal and child health, and disaster-response planning.

C. Explain the public health services involved in the response to the issue. What types of services, programs, or campaigns have been offered by organizations in response to the problem? Be sure to provide examples.

Use the Public Health Interventions Worksheet below to enter your descriptions


Name: Public health issue summary:



Intervention One:  
Public health organizations involved:  
Subdisciplines involved:  
Specific services provided:  
Comments/Other information:  



Intervention Two:  
Public health organizations involved:  
Subdisciplines involved:  
Specific services provided:  
Comments/Other information:  




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