Solo Buzz Lightyear Movie

Solo Buzz Lightyear Movie


The movie I think is most promising is Lightyear. I’ve been keeping my eye on this film and at first thought, the idea of a solo Buzz Lightyear movie would be weird but after seeing more of the trailers I’m kind of excited to see it. Lightyear is a movie completely separate from the Toy Story films, it’s set in a sci-fi environment and seems to have themes of exploration and adventure. Chris Evans is the voice of the protagonist Buzz Lightyear and the movie is coming out on June 17th. 

The trailer shows Buzz getting on his ship and traveling to some distant planet, there are hints of action, comedy, and even whimsy as Buzz travels through space. The music in the trailer is exciting and works to build hype and energy, and when Buzz leaves his planet and goes into hyperspace or lightspeed the music changes to that of mystery and whimsy. The trailer also plays Starman by David Bowie which I thought was on the nose but really tied the whole trailer together. 

Landon Steward


I am looking forward to viewing Downtown Abbey: New Era. I am a big fan of films that fall under the genre drama. This movie peaks my interest with the grand costumes, exciting music, and exquisite dialogue. Movies that depict an era from the past always bring a feeling of mystery and excitement. Downtown Abby: New Era dives into the mystery behind the main character, Violet, an elderly woman. 

I am curious to see how this movie will compare to the previous film and the series. Overall, this trailer brings excitement in discovering the truths surrounding the mystery of Violet Crawley. 


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