Something Totally New

Something Totally New


Discussion 3 – Technology is born, lives and Dies. Like us.

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Do some research online and find a technology that is dying or died recently.

It was important but It’s not used anymore.
There are not enough users for a company to continue making the products or another technology has overtaken it.  How did this technology help us?  In the beginning did it change everything?
What was it like when it was new?


1. Post some links/media/images or other information about your research and about what you found.

2.  In a few sentences tell us what you found and why you think the way you do.
For instance: What have we found out about this technology – good and bad – since it has been around?
READING -Marshall McLuhan
Maybe this technology has been replaced by something totally new….what is it?  Why did it overtake the older technology?)

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