Source Evaluationapa Style References

Source Evaluationapa Style References

Finding and Evaluating Sources Rhetorically: Essay Topic: Dieting makes people fat

In the previous assignment, you identified three possible topics for your persuasive academic essay. In the discussion for this week, you shared various aspects of the topic you have selected to write about for the final paper.

For this assignment, you will find scholarly (peer reviewed) sources that are relevant to your topic and purpose. Each source should offer something unique or different regarding your essay topic. You may compare and contrast the sources with each other to show how they complement each other.

Content and format requirements


Search EBSCO to find five scholarly sources relevant to your topic. Evaluate each source in terms of the following five dimensions

  1. The creator of the source
  2. The purpose of the source
  3. The age of the source
  4. The venue of the source
  5. The relevance of the source
  • Responses to the Creator, Age and Venue of each source will be short and don’t require complete sentences
  • Write responses to the Purpose and Relevance sections in complete sentences.


This assignment does not have to be written in APA format. You may use the attached table or use any other format that clearly lists each source and each dimension.

Organization requirements

  • Information is presented in a logical, sequential order
  • The purpose and relevance must be expressed in your own words, not copied from the source or the source abstract.

Source/Support Requirements

  • Adequate and appropriate evidence to each dimension of the source evaluation
  • APA Style References citation for each source

Technical requirements

  • Use standard conventions of English: punctuation, capitalization, complete sentences
  • Spellcheck and proofread your work

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