South University Library Databases

South University Library Databases

Current research in Social Psychology

For the past 5 weeks we have covered a variety of topics that are central to understanding social psychology.  To gain a better understanding of these topics in social psychology it is important to review current research.  

For this assignment you will first provide a detailed description for each of the following topics.


  1. Self-esteem
  2. Self-efficacy
  3. Self-serving bias
  4. Self-perception
  5. Cultural diversity
  6. Gender (in terms of social psychology)
  7. Persuasion
  8. Conformity/obedience

direction: Article review:

  • Choose 3 topics from the list above and find a scholarly journal article for each.
  • Find current (not more than 5 years old) scholarly research articles from the South University Library databases only.
  • Remember the articles must be related to psychology.
  • Provide an in-depth analysis for each article, integrating information from your course and text readings.

Submission Details:

  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format.

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