Staff Negatively Affected Us

Staff Negatively Affected Us

In your own words, respond to the discussion response 1-2 paragraphs 



One of my best managers happened to be my first job at Tossgreen- a local salad restaurant. He was the definition of lead by example. He always approached work with a positive attitude and inspired his employees to remain positive through this. He was there open to close and monitored all operations closely. When I started- he trained me and watched until he was sure I was able to complete all the task alone. He organized the “assembly line” daily and switched people around as needed. The flow of work there was more efficient there than I’ve seen anywhere else. My managers focus on the business’s expectations of it’s employees created a well trained efficient team. 

One of my worst managers was at another restaurant. He had a very hands off approach in his management style- he was rarely at the restaurant and did not have much to do with daily operations. He left the designation of daily side task, training of employees, changes in scheduling, and customer conflict resolutions up to the servers entirely. If a customer complained about there food and he wasn’t there- there was no way to remove it from the tab without his code. There was no monitoring of task completion (cleaning, restocking beverages, etc.) so there were many days where the restaurant was left dirty for the next shift. My previous managers lack of control over the staff negatively affected us but more so his business. Customers could see the faults he wasn’t there to notice. 

Almost every decision a manager is faced with could affect stakeholders. Imagine a company wants to close a location because it is slow and cost them more than it makes. While the stockholders and managers may benefit from the closure- employees and customers at this location will suffer. Many of these decisions may seem impossible. Rules for ethical decision making help to set more objective guidelines on how these decisions should be made. My example of a good boss followed the justice rule very closely- making sure to distribute task, hours, and attention equally. He never acted unfairly out of emotions or asked anything unreasonable of his employees. I did not see how he interacted with other stakeholders. My bad boss acted in self interest with little regard for employees, customers, suppliers, or community. His lack of attention to the business cost stakeholders a lot. 

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