Supervisor Describing 3 Competencies

Supervisor Describing 3 Competencies

Read the scenario below and complete the assignment.

Telegraph Scenario:

The Telegraph (which publishes The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, and the online version of The Telegraph), founded in 1855, is widely viewed as the national “newspaper of record” in England. Due to its many awards and news-breaking journalism, it holds a strong, international reputation as one of the highest-quality newspapers in the world. The newspaper’s circulation is around 500,000, down a great deal from its high of around 1.5 million. You can view more details about the paper at its website: 

Today you are meeting with Skylyn Richards, senior advertising manager of Barnabys Auctions. You are a salesperson for The Telegraph. Barnabys has opened a series of websites that feature online auctions of art, antiques, and design. You can view more details about Barnebys at its website: 

You are planning to discuss having Barnebys place ads in both the online and print version of The Telegraph. Skylyn Richards has agreed to meet with you. 


Write a 750 – 1000 word email to your supervisor describing 3 competencies you will demonstrate in the meeting with Skylyn Richards. 

Classify each competency as 1 of the following: business, communications/interpersonal, leadership and management, occupation-specific competencies 

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