Syndrome Society Offers Numerous

Syndrome Society Offers Numerous

EDU 668

Chapter 7 Assignment

Infancy & Early Childhood

1.  How might environmental deprivation of stimuli (auditory, visual, motor, sensory, language) affect the cognitive development of young children and result in intellectual disabilities?

2.        (a) How do parents and other family members influence the development of self-esteem in a child?

            (b) How can they create an environment that promotes realistic views of self-worth for a young child?

3.  Certain brain anomalies such as microcephaly and hydrocephaly impact learning. 

            (a)  Define microcephaly and describe how it impacts brain development and learning.

            (b)  Define hydrocephaly and describe how it impacts brain development and learning.

4.  The National Down Syndrome Society offers numerous resources for parents of children with significant disabilities. 

(a) Search the internet and identify at least two other national organizations that support children with intellectual disabilities.  Give the weblinks here and a description of services offered.

5. Characteristics of learning disabilities and related mild disabilities can affect the learning of mathematics.  Select two characteristics of students with mathematics disabilities, and describe how these characteristics can affect mathematics learning.

6. Describe how students can be instructed to go from concrete learning to abstract learning.  List and describe at least 5 specific strategies.

7. Assessment of Children with Autism.  Respond to the three questions below (in 50 words or more each).  Then make two comments to classmates (in 25 words or more each).  Thanks!

1.  Locate either in the textbook  or online a viable method of assessing a child with autism.  Keep in mind that the child may typically not respond spontaneously in a traditional assessment setting.  Explain the instrument.  Justify your choice.

2.  Locate and describe an evidence based teaching practice that would be effective with a nonverbal 8 year old child with autism.  Describe how the item works, the cost, and the source.

3.  Describe five functional skills that may be appropriate for the 8 year old with severe autism and define how you would teach him.

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