Taco Bell Taco Salad

Taco Bell Taco Salad

Hi need a Process Paragraph written here are the directions.

In one paragraph of eight to ten sentences, think of a task that you have performed on a job. It should be a relatively simple task of no more than ten steps. Keep it relatively simple, and it should be a process that has exact steps. The following are topics to consider: • Cleaning a soft drink dispenser • Making a Taco Bell taco salad • Making a Big Mac or a Whopper • Opening or closing a cash register • Adding new line to a string trimmer • Preparing a lawn mower to start • Diaper changing procedure at a daycare • Cleaning a piece of equipment • Taking a short inventory of products • Assembling a simple product • Checking a guest into a hotel room • Filling out a routine computer form • How to medicate a pet • How to perform a routine medical procedure, like taking blood pressure

Once you have settled on a topic, “brainstorm” about the steps involved. If possible, complete the process first; write down all the steps and then review the list, making sure all the steps are in order. For details, consider directions, definitions, and descriptions so that your reader can understand your process. Your paragraph, which should NOT merely be a list of steps (i.e. write your steps out in complete sentences), MUST begin with a topic sentence that contains the following: • The specific task • The company name (if there is one) • The importance of the task Additional Assignment Instructions: Ensure that you follow MLA guidelines before submitting your paragraph: double spacing, 12- point font size, Times New Roman font style, page numbering with student’s last name in the upper right-hand corner of the page, paragraph indent, and the proper 4-line header in the upper left-hand corner of the page that includes the student’s first and last name, instructor’s name (S. Johnston), course (ENGL 1010), and date (for example, 17 March 2022), set up in this order

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