Tenative Schedule Concerning

Tenative Schedule Concerning

10 annotated bibliographies prepared and submitted in accordance with American Psychological

Association publication guidelines. Each bibliography turned in for a grade must be a minimum of 100 words. Deadlines are indicated on the “TENATIVE SCHEDULE. Each bibliography must cover some specific aspect, as in any of the subject areas listed on the “TENATIVE SCHEDULE”, concerning aircraft powerplants. Acceptable sources include books, magazines, internet sources, NOT THE TEXTBOOK FOR THIS COURSE! I don’t want you to tell me how a carburetor works, I want you summarize an article that covers the latest development in aircraft carburetors. I don’t want to know about the newest aircraft from Boeing, I want to know why the engine on it is the newest and best one out there. Do not use the

“How Stuff Works” website as a source.

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