Times New Roman 12

Times New Roman 12

Why I Want to Coach Start Assignment

Students will write a reflection paper where they discuss why they are wanting to coach, what previous experiences led them to want to pursue this pathway, and how they will use concepts/information they learned about thus far in our course in their future coaching practice. The paper should be 1-3 pages typed in Times New Roman 12 point font and double-spaced. 


Chapter 1: The Value of a coaching philosophy; the importance of knowing who you are and what kind of coach you want to be

Chapter 2: The three major objectives of coaching

Chapter 3: Selecting your coaching style

Chapter 4: Coaching for Character

Chapter 5: Coaching Diverse Athletes

Chapter 6:Communicating With Your Athletes

Chapter 7: Motivating Your Athletes

Chapter 8: Managing Your Athletes’ Behavior

Chapter 9: The Games Approach

Chapter 10: Teaching Technical Skills

Chapter 11: Teaching Tactical Skills

Chapter 12: Planning for Teaching 

Chapter 13: Training Basics

Chapter 14: Training for Energy Fitness

Chapter 15: Training for Muscular Fitness

Chapter 16: Fueling Your Athletes

Chapter 17: Battling Drugs

Chapter 18: Managing Your Team

Chapter 19:: Managing Relationships

Chapter 20: Managing Risks

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