Understanding Others ’ Roles

Understanding Others ’ Roles

According to ANA, no single staffing model—patient acuity, budget-based, or nurse-patient ratio—is best for all settings and situations. Most organizations use a combination of methods and tailor the overall staffing approach to their specific needs. 

Respond to at least 1 of the following prompts:

1. What staffing model is implemented at the facility where you work?  What would you recommend for modifying the staffing model where you work, what is you recommendation based on and how would you implement the change?  (Support your thoughts/ideas with academic literature OR required readings) 

2. There are in existence nursing-sensitive indicators affected by staffing.  Can you suggest another nursing-sensitive indicator not being measured that might affect staffing?  What would be the indicator and how would you measure the indicator?  (Support your thoughts/ideas with academic literature OR required readings) 

3. Understanding others’ roles provides insight into who can best perform a particular task and how it could be redesigned to be more efficient and effective. How would delegation have a positive effect on staffing?  (Support your thoughts/ideas with academic literature OR required readings) .  Please look at the Florida Nurse Practice Act to verify what roles the RN MUST perform by law. 


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