United States Healthcare System

United States Healthcare System


Individual assignment.  You must create a grid and follow the instructions given in the syllabus.  Below is a layout of the GRID. TOTAL OF 9 SLIDES to include : PowerPoint Presentation

aTitle Page (Agency Synopsis) APA format

b. Introduction

c. Address ALL 7 sections in the grid

d. Conclusion

e. Reference

 Sample Grid for You

Name of Agency


Level of Regulatory Authority

Scope of Regulatory Authority

Role Within the United States Healthcare System

Area of Practice or Specialty

Relevance to ARNP/DNP

Example: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

 Established in 1946, the CDC was initially meant to control the outbreaks of epidemic illnesses, namely malaria, and typhoid fever.


 The CDC oversees the procedures involving the protection of public health, including the evaluation of hazardous substances and facilities, use and transfer of biological agents.

 The CDC provides information support to individuals and organizations engaged in the country’s health sector to increase the quality of medical services.

 The data generated by the CDC can be utilized in various areas of nursing practice, including midwifery, anesthesiology, surgery, and many others.

 The information and guidelines provided by the CDC can support the decision-making process of APRNs and DNPs in the course of their work.

Hope this helps. Have a great week-end. 

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