Use Prior Feedback Received

Use Prior Feedback Received

Write a paper (1,000-1,250 words) in which you use prior feedback received from instructors and peers as well as additional readings from the literature to revise your problem space, identify variables (quantitative) or a phenomenon (qualitative) from the problem space, and present a problem statement defining the scope and context of your potential research topic. Do the following in your paper:

Articulate how recent studies (within the past five years) illustrate the existence of the problem and the need for additional research.

Clearly articulate the problem framing your study. What is the size and scope of the problem?

Present a strong argument for the significance and relevance of your potential study in addressing the problem. Consider how your potential study may contribute to existing empirical literature and/or inform practice.

Identify and define the variables (quantitative) or phenomenon (qualitative) that have emerged from your problem space. How are the variables or phenomenon supported via your problem space?

Provide and defend a concise and focused problem statement. How does the problem statement address your problem space? How are your variables or phenomenon represented in the problem statement?

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