Virginia Slave Act Intensifies

Virginia Slave Act Intensifies

Listen to and write reflections on three podcasts on whiteness:

1. Seeing White, season 2 ep 1 (17 mins) 

Hosts John Biewen and Chenjerai Kumanyika say they will be focusing on whiteness, but what do they not want the series to cover? What did you think of this, and were you surprised by what they said? Did it make you more or less interested in listening to the series, and why?


2. Seeing White, season 2 ep 2: (29 mins) 

What does Kendi describe as the beginnings of racist ideas which gave shape to ideas of whiteness? And what do you think of how Kumanyika describes the ways white society has thought about the relationship between ignorance and exploitation? 


3. Seeing White, season 2 ep 3: (34 mins)

What’s the significance of the stories of John Punch and Elizabeth Key? Why do Plihchik, Kendi, and Painter argue that these and other early American stories are related to the definition and identity of whiteness and who “counts” as a citizen? What do you think about what Kumanyika says about how the Virginia Slave Act intensifies racial division?

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