Visual Medium Photographic

Visual Medium Photographic

At the beginning of section II, Sontag states that “Considered in this light, the photographs are us.”  What does she mean by this, and do you agree? 

One of Sontag’s most famous books is titled On Photography.  Throughout this piece, she is making an argument that is very specific to the visual medium — photographic images (whether moving or still).  How do you make sense of these deeper claims?  How is she basing those claims in a historical record?

Do you agree with Sontag’s arguments around culpability?

What are the connections between Sontag’s and Keenan’s arguments?  Where do they build off each other, and where might they contradict each other?  Do they relate to Jenkins or other theorists we’ve read?

As always, these prompts are intended solely to initiate conversation.

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