Vr Headset Like Occulus

Vr Headset Like Occulus

 If you have the ability, find an Augmented or Virtual Reality video game to play. This could be a simple AR game through a smartphone (like Pokemon Go!), a VR headset like Occulus Rift, or at a VR or Mixed Reality arcade. Answer the following questions about your experience and the gameplay:

  1. What is the name of the game? Who was the original developer?
  2. Describe the gameplay. Was it easy or hard to figure out how to play the game? Rate the level of difficulty of gameplay based on your experience.
  3. What is the genre of the game? What are the similarities or differences from traditional console-based games in the same genre?
  4. What made the game fun? Describe the elements that were the most interesting or boring.
  5. Describe any unique elements of the AR or VR experience that enhanced the gameplay experience.

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