Week 1 Assignment Including

Week 1 Assignment Including

This course focuses on creating a variety of documents that are used in the professional workplace.  In order to explore that fully, we will be selecting a topic and then focusing on it throughout the term.  Your topic must be a problem in the workplace, your community or your school (Pick one area).  It must fit the following criteria:

  • It must be real.
  • It must be solvable.
  • It must have depth.
  • It must require research.

Here are some examples of possible topics:

  • Adding on-site childcare.
  • Tuition discounts
  • Changing the speed limit on a particular road.
  • Upgrading company technology.
  • Creating a student lounge.
  • Creating a community garden.

Once you have selected your topic, you will then brainstorm possible audiences you will need to communicate with in order to effectively solve this problem. Read this document to learn more about audience analysis. Use the attached chart to profile your audience.  You must include a fully developed paragraph at the top describing your problem. Please submit both your topic selection description and the reader analysis chart in one document.Here is a video that provides further information regarding the Week 1 assignment including an example of a completed Reader Analysis Chart.

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