Why Internet Anonymity Stimulates Discrimination

This essay sample begs to answer the question, “why internet anonymity stimulates discrimination?”. Discrimination normally occurs among people of different age, race, sex, physical features, and among others. In most cases, civil rights do apply in the world wide web, especially when internet users obtain anonymous status and start behaving differently from what was intended.


Demand for Anonymity and Private Browsing


Discrimination is rampant on the web and it is stimulated by internet anonymity. Creating an account on different online platforms requires different data. Besides using a username and email address, most sites online ask for additional personal information. Choosing not to convey social information can have two impacts, avoiding or stimulating discrimination.


What most people value when it comes to using online platforms are their safety and privacy. These two qualities have made it easy for equality to be achieved when using the internet as civil rights demands. But when browsing without identity, one discovers a special kind of freedom to fully express self.


The development of sites that offer pure anonymity, users don’t need an account, meets the demand for browsing the web without revealing identity. Most sites that allow this type of privilege offer Social networking services.


Financial and banking sites no longer provide anonymous account services after users started to misuse this privilege and end up doing money laundering. The uncivil behavior of browsing the web in privacy has made it easy for people to discriminate against others.


Many sites offering anonymity believe that it encourages an open exchange of ideas, which eventually provides a lot of content and at the same time leads to discrimination problems. In this sample essay, we found that social media and forum web platforms report the highest number of discrimination cases.


Contributing Factors of Discrimination


In this sample essay, we noticed a growing demand for access to information and free speech as the reason why online platforms offer anonymous accounts. However, anyone with controversial, or differing opinions can easily fall victim to this problem. This is because you have to align your thinking and behavior to be accepted in some online communities.


From observations and surveys, we found that many people will choose to express their political and social views, opinions, and positions anonymously. It is quite unfortunate we do not all fit in online communities, a situation that has forced many to wear an anonymous mask and discriminate against others.


A study on the influence on anonymity on buyer discrimination showed that there is high discrimination when the buyer is anonymous and when the identity of sellers is known. Discrimination can also be demonstrated by failing to give feedback or giving misleading information, which is common in customer service that uses anonymous agents.


Internet anonymity stimulates discrimination through the use of free speech because there are no rules, accountability, and civil rights. The anonymous policy has opened a pandora’s box of unethical behaviors which can be damaging to the receiver.


Such extreme privacy policies in online platforms allow people to say and do whatever they like without thinking about the consequences. The cyberbullying, trolling, doxing, and other toxic anti-social behaviors that occur in social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook start with discrimination from people who use anonymous accounts.


Internet Anonymity Stimulates Discrimination: Conclusion


Most people that believe that internet anonymity stimulates discrimination see the web as a failed state losing itself to the culture of hate. It is an element that many people attribute to enabling uncivil behavior, facilitating “uncivil discourse” and stimulating discrimination in shared online spaces.


In real life, it is hard for such people to discriminate against others in public, but in the internet community they can’t be seen do they end up doing what they do best without revealing their identity. Therefore, in this sample essay, we conclude that internet anonymity stimulates discrimination.


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