Wikipedia Home Page

Wikipedia Home Page

 Discussion Topic-  Marriage and the Family 


Love is a difficult concept for many. Some mistake or confuse love with a physical attraction or infatuation. As a child, I recall a rhyme: Love is like a pot of gold, hard to find and hard to hold”. Interesting thought. 

Read the Wikipedia definition of love. Go to the Wikipedia home page and type in the word “love” in Wikipedia. 

Based on the various aspects you are presented with, in your opinion, what is important and how does it fit in with your understanding or concept of love?

State your experience of love, then explain how it fits in with Wikipedia’s versions of love. 

Feel free to use all other references to support your thoughts and arguments, respectively.

 Course Materials: Lamanna, Mary Ann and Agnes Riedmann. Marriages and Families, 13th ed. Cengage, 2018.ISBN: 978-128573697-6  

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