Wiley Book Chapter 5

Wiley Book Chapter 5

For your Essay 2 please read the two critical essays “Beauty and Truth” and “Shelly’s Defense of Poetry.” What do these critical essays say about poetry? What do the two essays have in common? What poems do they discuss? Make a comparison among the poets mentioned. Use MLA style to quote directly from each of the two essays. Have an overriding theme or central thesis. Write well and organized. 

Please read in the Wiley Book Chapter 5 pages 74-77 on Comparative Essays. Also read about thesis statements and making arguments in your essays. Read Argument Structure and Deriving a Thesis from the Wiley book.

Grading rubric: Your essay should have a general thesis. The essay should be 1,000 to 1,500 words.  Please cite this source using MLA style. You should be using proper English grammar and the paper should be organized with topic sentences, an introduction and thesis. It should also address and deal with the content and show an understanding of the content. 

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