Winner Determined Simply

Winner Determined Simply

Assigned Questions to Address in Your Initial Post:

  1. Do you believe the Electoral College method is a fair way to elect the president and that it accurately reflects the will of the American people? Explain and give at least two reasons to support your position. This question is only about the method of electing the president as specified in the constitution and as described above. It is NOT about debating allegations of election fraud in 2020. If you make it about that, then you will lose all points for your initial post.
  2. Do you believe the Electoral College of electing the president gives a greater advantage to one political party over the other? Explain why or why not?
  3. Would you be in favor of changing the process of electing the president to have the winner determined simply by whichever candidate receives the most votes by the people nationwide (known as the national popular vote) instead of using the Electoral College method? Why or why not?

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