Worth 2 Pts

Worth 2 Pts

PERSUASIVE SPEECH – “MONROE’S MOTIVATED SEQUENCE”You will persuade your audience (the class) to change their mind on an issue, change their behavior, or purchase a product.INSTRUCTIONS

  • LENGTH – Your presentation will last from three to four minutes. Any longer or shorter may reduce your grade.
  • AUDIENCE – Try to have a minimum of 5 audience members. Show them at the beginning and at the end of your speech (in your uploaded video)
    • Your audience can be live, they can be virtual through ZOOM of some other platform, or they can be a mixture of both. 
    • Each audience member is worth 2 pts–no more than 10 total points for your audience.
  • OUTLINE – You will turn in a complete sentence outline in the dropbox (see outline instructions)
  • REFERENCES – You must have at least two credible references in your bibliography and you must orally cite at least one reference. 
  • DELIVERY – You may speak from keywords on note cards, a copy of your outline, and/or a visual aid which can be a poster board or something similar. 
    • Do not read your speech
  • SPEECH UPLOAD – Upload your speech to LaunchPad following the instructions below. Video editing and video stopping/pausing are NOT allowed. 
    • Show your entire body (not just head and shoulders)
    • If Zooming your audience in, make sure you are in presenter mode so you take up most of the screen

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