Written Language Different Stylistically

Written Language Different Stylistically


Please answer the following questions based on your interpretation of the text. Each response should be about one paragraph in length. Please do not copy directly out of the textbook. Like all classroom assignments, Turnitin.com will be utilized and it will be considered plagiarism to copy word for word from the textbook. Please submit in this format; write the questions out and do not submit one long block of text.

Chapter 3

  1. Out of all the different reasons for speakers to be ethical, which do you believe is the most important and why?

Chapter 10

  1. There are many aspects that make oral and written language different stylistically; describe specifically in this class what you should reflect on when you are writing and performing a speech knowing this.
  2. Why is language choice especially important when you are performing in front of a diverse audience, like you would encounter at school?

Chapter 12

  1. What do you believe are the three most effective types of presentation aids and why?
  2. Imagine a peer in another class was giving their first presentation and they were planning on using a PowerPoint slideshow during their performance. What are some of tips you would have for them in order to present a successful speech?

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